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Local Development Updates

Updated 5/2/2024

Current Jeffco Development Updates Click Here for PDF

CDOT’s Current Plan for the 285/King’s Valley Interchange

Download the Power Point Presentation

Land Use Cases, Conifer/285 Area

New interactive map from Jeffco

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Golden, Colorado 80419

To Check Development Cases that are in Process in Jefferson County, go to http://planning.jeffco.us: scroll down to “Updated Permit Search Site” and search by address or permit #.

Notice of Amendments and Changes to the Zoning Resolution & the Land Development Regulation. View revisions at http://planning.jeffco.us under Regulation Revisions.

The Conifer Area Council is a small team with a big agenda.  If you’d like to help in our planning efforts or actually get your hands in the dirt, please contact us at [email protected]