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Urgent Care Center

Status of Urgent Medical Care services in Conifer

The 2010 Conifer Community Survey identified urgent medical care as a top priority of respondents.  Follow up at Town Hall meetings and a separate email poll of our mailing list confirmed a high level of interest.

CAC created a sub-group to pursue the possibility of working with a local medical practice to create an urgent care center.  Conifer Medical Center had interest in the approach and we met with them several times to determine the possibilities.  After careful consideration, it was determined that setting up an urgent care facility was not a viable option at this time.  There were several reasons for this:

  • The requirements to becoming a certified urgent care facility are burdensome.  Medical personnel must be trained and accredited outside of normal primary care standards.  The billing approach for urgent care is different than for primary care services and requires significant changes.
  • An urgent care facility requires staffing at night and on weekends.  The population of our area is just not large enough to support this kind of medical presence.
  • Over half of the urgent care needs identified by the community (cardivascular issues) couldn’t be treated in an urgent care facility.  Medical protocol requires any cardiovascular events (heart attack or stroke) to be transported to an emergency facility.

We appreciate the interest shown by Conifer Medical Center.  Even though they decided not to pursue designation as an urgent care facility, they have hired additional providers and they offer extended office hours including weekends: Monday through Friday 7 am to 8 pm, Saturday 8 am to 5 pm and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm.

Thanks to all of you who completed our email poll on urgent care.  Because of your interest we spent considerable time and effort doing due diligence on the matter.   Unfortunately, the time for a designated urgent care facility in Conifer is not now.

The following link directs you to the results of the poll.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding urgent care in Conifer please email us at coniferareaforum@gmail.com