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Conifer Loop Roadway Project

The CONIFER LOOP ACCESS PLAN, now on page 28 of the existing Conifer/285 Corridor Area Plan, will be a recommendation for all new development in the Conifer Village Center. The Conifer Loop Roadway began as an extension of Main Street in the 1987 and then the 2003 Conifer Area Community Plans. Over time, due to meetings of the Study / Action Team and input from community members on our surveys, community members believed that Main Street is just one part of a desired roadway loop through the Conifer Village Center. This loop would offer people the option of traveling to existing businesses, services, neighborhoods, churches, schools and parks without getting onto the highway. It would be a 2 lane, 2-way service road that would also offer safer alternative transportation options such as pedestrian and bicycle paths. Since the loop roadway will be an extension of existing infrastructure, the final configuration will have variations and will likely take several years to complete. According to residents in past surveys, development along the loop roadway should consider creating community gathering spaces, such as outdoor plazas, restaurants with outdoor patios, community gardens, outdoor amphitheaters, playgrounds, botanic gardens, skateboard parks and other similar uses. These spaces should have both sod and natural areas and provide the opportunity for both active and passive recreation.

There will be more questions about the Conifer Loop Roadway in our new survey, so please let your voice be heard.