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historic conifer, coSome links to information pertinent to Conifer:

To Check Development Cases that are in Process in Jefferson County, go to http://planning.jeffco.us: scroll down to “Updated Permit Search Site” and search by address or permit #.

Notice of Amendments and Changes to the Zoning Resolution & the Land Development Regulation
View revisions at http://planning.jeffco.us under Regulation Revisions.

New Mountain Ground Water Overlay District Regulations Pat O-Connell at 303 271-8707
Go to http://jeffco.us/planning-and-zoning/regulations/zoning-resolution/ and click on Section 34.

Changes to the ISDS Regulations as of August 4th, 2007 Craig Sanders at 303 271-5759
Go to  http://jeffco.us/public-health/ for changes.