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Strategic Master Plan

Conifer Area Council


Amended January 2, 2011

VISION: The Conifer Area. . . our vibrant mountain home where natural beauty, wildlife and

independent spirits join together as a community.

MISSION: To work as a broad based group to provide a forum to identify and address community






Identify & Address Issues










GOAL 1: Provide a nonpartisan forum to facilitate community participation, collaboration and action in identifying and addressing community issues and opportunities.

Objective 1a: Inform the public about the community and issues affecting the community by facilitating at least four public meetings per year.

Outcome: Community that is informed

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Hold four Town Hall Meetings per year with presentations relating to the community

2)      Hold other Community Meetings to facilitate timely community issues as needed

Objective 1b: Identify community issues and preferences by gathering information through surveys and other means, on a regular basis.

Outcome: Conifer Area Council to be informed about the Conifer community

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Promote participation in comprehensive community surveys every 2 – 3 years to gather information from community members

2)      Promote participation in targeted surveys when more information is needed about specific community issues

3)      Develop other methods for obtaining information from community members when needed

Objective 1c: Promote participation in the study and action of identified community issues through Study / Action Teams as needed.

Outcome: Broader community involvement studying & acting on identified issues & needs

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Facilitate specific Study / Action Teams to address issues and/or needs identified by the community.

  1. Community Vision Study / Action Team
    1. i.      Architecture Action Group
    2. ii.      Color Conifer Action Group
    3. iii.      Community Surveys Action Group
    4. iv.      Historic Preservation Action Group
    5. v.      Main Street Loop Action Group
    6. vi.      Public Places Action Group
    7. vii.      Public Services Action Group
    8. viii.      Recycling Services Action Group
  2. Trails Study / Action Team

2)       Promote participation in the Study / Action Teams at CAC meetings, through the website and through e-mail outreach

3)      Promote participation in the Study / Action Teams at fairs, festivals and other events where CAC has informational booths

4)      Promote participation in the Study / Action Teams via newspaper and other media outreach

GOAL 2: Provide open communication between Conifer Area Council, community members and with governmental/other organizations that affect our community’s future and advocate for County services paid for by tax dollars.

Objective 2a: Continue to develop and update e-mail or other communication with community members and interested parties.

Outcome: Communication will be efficient and timely and will address a broad constituent base

Implementation Strategies:

1)       Develop an efficient e-mail system that can be accessed and utilized by appointed CAC members

2)      Outreach to community about all meetings and functions of Conifer Area Council via e-mail, media and other means

3)      Outreach to community about other community issues and events approved by the Board via e-mail, media and other means

Objective 2b: Update the Conifer Area Council website, keep it up-to-date and promote its


Outcome: Marketing and Communication of CAC efforts will be easily accessed

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Finish the update process to a new website

2)      Develop policies and procedures for webmaster and person that makes sure updates are in place

3)      Develop easy methods for e-mail use

4)      Promote the Website on all informational and promotional material & the media

Objective 2c: Promote communication through public media and other sources.

Outcome: The community will be informed of events & issues

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Promote CAC meetings, events and happenings through newspapers, banners and other media sources

2)      Research the possibility of construction of a Communications Notification Sign (a sign that notifies the community of community events)

3)      Research the possibility of construction of a Community Organization Sign (a sign that lists or has logos of community organizations.)

Objective 2d: Interface with elected officials and key personnel from County, State, Federal and other agencies to promote two-way communication.

Outcome: Those making decisions on our behalf will be informed and involved

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Invite elected officials and key personnel from County, State, Federal and other agencies to Town Hall Meetings, Study / Action Team meetings and other events

2)      Go to public hearings and other events at the County and State to participate in addressing community projects and  issues

3)      Share survey results with elected officials and key personnel of governmental organizations and agencies

4)      Develop mechanism to raise awareness of community wishes and desires by asking County staff to promote coordination between Conifer Area Council and those working on developments, projects and issues before the County

Objective 2e: “Connect” with & support other community organizations with common goals.

Outcome: Community organizations will work together for the common good

Implementation Strategies:

1)       Invite organizations to participate in our Town Hall Meetings and other events and projects

2)      Participate in other community organization events

GOAL 3: Provide the venue for periodic review and support of applicable Jefferson County Regulations and the Comprehensive Master Plan, including the Conifer / 285 Corridor Area Community Plan.

Objective 3a:  Interface with Jefferson County to obtain information and inform the community about proposed regulation changes and development cases that affect the Conifer area.

Outcome: An informed and involved community

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Liaison with Jefferson County Planning and Zoning on a monthly to quarterly basis for information and updates.

2)      Register with Planning and Zoning for permit application notifications

3)      Document information from Planning and Zoning for distribution to the community through meetings, e-mail and website

4)      Inform community on a quarterly basis at Town Hall Meetings

Objective 3b: Provide input to Jefferson County as obtained and/or as needed that reflects community issues and interests.

Outcome: Jefferson County to be knowledgeable about what the community wants

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Solicit community input regarding development issues and community needs for connectivity, trails and open space through surveys & other means

2)      Invite Jefferson County officials and staff to meetings and other functions

Objective 3c: Create specific, detailed plans for future development patterns, connectivity, trails, open spaces and public places for integration into Jefferson County’s Comprehensive Master Plan and other planning efforts.

Outcome: Taking control of our own future

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Devise and implement conceptual plans and master plans in response to identified community needs

2)      Interface with Jefferson County and other agencies on conceptual plans and master plans so that they become part of County and other planning efforts


GOAL 4: Provide structure of and communication with all Conifer Area Council Study / Action Teams, groups formed to study and act upon identified community issues.

Objective 4a: Develop and review Policies and Procedures for Study / Action Teams yearly and update as needed.

Outcome: Policies, Procedures & timeframe for review of Study/Action Teams in Place

Implementation Strategies:

1)       Develop Study / Action Team Policies and Procedures by the end of 2010.

2)      Schedule time for Policies and Procedures to be reviewed each year

Objective 4b: Develop and review policies regarding Board / Team interaction and communication and update as needed.

Outcome: Mechanism in place for Study / Action Teams and Board to be aware of activities relevant to Conifer Area Council.

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Develop policy regarding Board Liaison to each Study / Action Team

2)      Develop policy for Study / Action Team and Board reporting

GOAL 5: Create and maintain a vibrant, sustainable organization with good governance and adequate staffing, volunteer and funding resources.

Objective 5a: Develop a Business Plan by May, 2011.

Outcome: Completed Business Plan to be used in applying for grants and for other Purposes

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Develop a “needs” statement for CAC services & products

2)      Determine management team required – Board & Teams?

3)      Develop a marketing plan

4)      Develop an Operations Plan to deliver services

5)      Determine the required financial results

Objective 5b: Develop personnel policies and procedures by May, 2011.

Outcome: Job descriptions complete / policies and procedures drafted / staffing needs addressed / volunteer structure in place

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Develop Job Descriptions

2)       Update Board Attendance Policy as needed

3)       Update Nominating Committee Policies and Procedures as needed

4)       Research Executive Director and other staffing possibilities

5)       Develop Volunteer Resources Policies and Procedures

Objective 5c: Develop financial policies and procedures by May, 2011.

Outcome: Financial Budgets, Policies and Procedures in place

Implementation Strategies:

1)       Develop Operation Budget

2)       Develop Projects Budget

3)       Develop Audit Committee Policy

4)       Develop External Accountability Policy

5)       Develop General Accounting Policies and Procedures

6)       Develop system for archiving financial reports – digitally & paper

7)       Develop Membership Opportunities Policies and Procedures

8)       Develop Fundraising Policies and Procedures

Objective 5d: Develop an Annual Board Planning Calendar by May, 2011.

Outcome: Timetable for filings, functions and review so that nothing is forgotten

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Determine all legal filing dates

2)       Revisit fiscal year dates as this will be the basis for review and other dates

3)       Consolidate all policy & procedure dates into the calendar

4)       Determine the best time to review bylaws, plans, policies and procedures

Objective 5e: Develop Grant Writing Policies and Procedures by May, 2011.

Outcome: An organized system for tracking grant opportunities

Implementation Strategies:

1)  Create a document with available grant opportunities

2)  Create document to track grant money requested, from inception to final report on how the money was spent

3)  Develop policies and procedures on who does what

4)  Develop notebook (paper & digital) of grants applied for

5)  Develop system for archiving grant information (paper & digital)

Objective 5f: Develop policies and procedures for maintenance & safe storage of all Conifer Area Council documents and information by May, 2011.

Outcome: An organized system for maintenance & safe storage of all documents

Implementation Strategies:

1)      Develop policies and procedures on safekeeping of secretarial minutes

2)      Develop policies and procedures on safekeeping of financial documents

3)      Develop policies and procedures on safekeeping of personnel documents

4)      Develop policies and procedures on safekeeping of grant requests & tracking

5)      Develop policies and procedures on safekeeping of project & master plan files

6)      Develop policies and procedures on safekeeping of all other important documents