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Study/Action Teams

The History of

Conifer Area Council Study / Action Teams

• In 2003, as Conifer Area Council was organized, Study / Action Team Guidelines were written, along with Bylaws, in order to create a forum for the study and action of community issues. Study/Action Team Guidelines
• In April, 2006, the Community Identity Study / Action Team was formed to determine “How to Preserve our Community Identity and Authenticity in the Face of New Development!” That Team developed the “Claiming Conifer’s Character” Survey, of which over 1000 community members responded. survey results
• The top three areas of concern which needed improvement, according to those community members were:
1. Bike paths / Hiking Trails 2. Development Control 3. Downtown / Main Street

Study / Action Teams
were formed. For further information go to:



Community Vision


Conifer Area Council
“Claiming Conifer’s Character”
Trails * Community Vision
Study / Action Teams
Amended April, 2009

The Conifer area. . . our mountain home where natural beauty, wildlife, and independent spirits meet.

To claim, preserve, and enhance the character and heritage of the Conifer area community.

(Through the study of options and development of detailed plans, the following strategies may be used) •Connect trails, create walkable neighborhoods and provide alternative transportation choices •Create indoor and outdoor public places •Encourage options other than strip development •Preserve and/or enhance the Conifer area’s beauty, peacefulness, rural character, heritage and wildlife •Create healthy forests and reduce wildfire risk •Protect and maintain water quantity and quality •Add and maintain services that meet the community’s needs •Encourage community and stakeholder involvement, collaboration, and participation •Promote improved communication within the community •Identify opportunities that enhance the community while serving the community, the local economy, and the environment

•The Teams will make every attempt to involve the entire community by gathering and disseminating information through public meetings, publications, surveys and other means. •The Teams will not favor or oppose any specific residential or commercial development, but will look at opportunities to enhance the community, as a whole, by considering connectivity and inclusiveness of all developments, neighborhoods, public and private open space areas. •The Teams shall create more specific, detailed plans of future development, trails, open spaces and public places, using the above mentioned strategies, and coordinate with Jefferson County and the community to incorporate this information into the Conifer/285 Corridor Area Community Plan and other master planning efforts

“The Conifer area. . . our vibrant mountain home where natural beauty, wildlife and independent spirits join together as a community."
To work as a broad based group to provide a forum to identify and address community issues.
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